11 September 2017

Global Adult Tobacco Survey Ukraine 2017. Within last 7 years the proportion of people smoking tobacco has decreased by 20%

On 4 September 2017 the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office in Europe, WHO Country Office in Ukraine, Kyiv International Institute of Sociology and the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine held a joint press conference presenting the results of the second Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) conducted in Ukraine. Read all

Projects and Initiatives in Tobacco Control

Smoking Prevalence and Cigarette Consumption in 187 Countries, 1980-2012

Importance  Tobacco is a leading global disease risk factor. Understanding national trends in prevalence and consumption is critical for prioritizing action and evaluating tobacco control progress. Objective  To... Read all

Council approves compromise on tobacco directive

The Permanent Representatives Committee1 today approved a compromise text for a revised EU tobacco directive. It herewith endorsed a proposal that has been presented at a trilogue meeting between the... Read all

WHO report - 2013: enforcing bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship

The continued success in global tobacco control is detailed in this year’s WHO Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, 2013. The fourth in the series, this year’s report presents the status of the MPOWER... Read all

Inconvenient Truth Warning Labels

NON- photogenic truth: graphic pictures of the effects of smoking increase the power of text warnings on cigarette packs Package of cigarettes and its design - is an effective method of advertising a... Read all

Tobacco Advertisement – Free Country

In the 90's, together with the globalization of markets and privatization of tobacco factories by transnational tobacco corporations, Ukraine had been flooded with a massive advertising of tobacco products.... Read all

Ukraine Goes Smoke Free

The problem of passive smoking is getting more and more actual in the world. Governments of many countries, doctors and the civil society take more stringent measures to protect the rights of citizens... Read all

Comabating Tobacco Epidemics

The tobacco epidemic has covered the world and every year takes away nearly five millions of lives. Smoking and tobacco consumption is the biggest threat for public health in the area of noncommunicable... Read all

Deglamourization Campaign Manifest Against Smoking

Transnational tobacco companies invest millions of dollars around the globe in promotion of smoking, supporting the image of glamorous smoker by involving prominent representatives of show business and... Read all