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NGO Advocacy center "Life” is a nonprofit, non-governmental civil society organization that operates in Ukraine and provides advocacy and tobacco control expertise nationally and regionally (Eastern European Countries). Advocacy center “Life " was registered in August 2009 to in order to unite the efforts of public, activists and public advocates for introducing systemic changes in tobacco control in Ukraine. The founders of "Life" started in Ukraine in 2007 as consultants of International organization "Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids” - a global leader of combating the tobacco epidemic ( )

At the present moment Life is the key tobacco control advocacy organization in Ukraine that unites both expertise and advocacy in achieving systemic changes. Life also serves as the resource center for national NGO Coalition “For Tobacco Free Ukraine” that unites 109 organizations and coordinates the tobacco control press center accession over 200 media and journalists.

Life set its mail strategic objectives for 2009 – 2012 as adoption of necessary legislation in tobacco control to comply with WHO Framework Convention of Tobacco Control that had been ratified by Ukraine yet on 2006. Thus Life’s main program objectives were tax increase, total tobacco advertising, sponsorship and promotion ban, implementing pictorial warning labels, adoption of a comprehensive smoke free legislation and counteracting tobacco industry interference. Another important direction is de-glamorization of smoking image and promoting tobacco-free lifestyle.Successful implementation of these measures considerably decreased tobacco consumption in Ukraine since 2006: from 37% to 25% in 2010.

In 2013 – 2014 Life sets its strategic objectives in tobacco control as effective implementation and monitoring of the comprehensive ad ban, smoke free legislation and pictorial warnings. Besides Life plans to advocate for further tobacco tax increase in 2013 and prevent TI interference in health care sector policies.

In addition to the above mentioned objectives Life supports and implements other projects as alcohol control, ecological safety and medications availability for children in need.

 Life’s mission is to improve quality of life Ukrainiancitizens through effective advocacy, policy making and legislation in public health sector.

Life’s vision is: Life expectancy EXCEEDS Mortality rates in Ukraine! The smoking prevalence decreased to the level of developed countries. Smoking is not cool and attracting any more. Ukrainians lead a healthy lifestyle!

International Partnership

Center "Life" is a key partner in Ukraine International organization "Campaign for the future of children without smoking» that is a global leader in the fight for reducing tobacco consumption and the devastating health effects of smoking.

Life also is a key partner of WHO Bureau in Ukraine in the implementation of tobacco control initiatives represents Ukraine in European network for smoking prevention (, which brings together more than 400 European organizations. Life in 2011 is a member of global NGO consortium – Framework Convention Alliance -FCA ( ) and Global Smokefree Partnership

The founders of "Life" – аdvocacy experts Hanna Hopko, Natalya Toropova and Alla Tyutyunnyk -  started in Ukraine in 2007 as consultants of International organization "Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids” - a global leader of combating the tobacco epidemic ( )