Since 2009, Advocacy center “LIFE” has been working to improve health and well-being and reduce mortality and morbidity from non-communicable diseases caused by tobacco, alcohol, unhealthy nutrition and passive lifestyle.

The organization conducts advocacy and mass media campaigns for policy changes and communicates them to the authorities, unites the efforts of the public, experts and state bodies, international organizations to create conditions that facilitate the choice of people for the benefit of their health.

Mission: to improve health and well-being of people through advocacy campaigns and policy change.

Vision: life expectancy and quality in Ukraine are increasing. The government takes into account public health interests when making any political decision. Everyone’s right to health is protected by the state at the highest level.

Strategic objectives:

  • advocacy campaigns;
  • mass media and information campaigns;
  • protection of consumer rights;
  • monitoring of the implementation of anti-tobacco legislation;
  • analysis of tobacco taxation policy;
  • helping to quit smoking;
  • analytical work on NCD prevention;
  • preparation of expertise on risk factors for non-infectious diseases;
  • coordinating the work of a coalition of NGOs "Smoke Free Ukraine".

Our competences:

  • advocating for legislative changes in public health;
  • media advocacy, implementation of national public health information campaigns;
  • expertise and professional analysis in the field of non-communicable diseases;
  • launching and supporting national smoking cessation service (hotline and online platform)
  • incubator of national and international leadership.

NGO "Life" coordinates the work of the coalition of NGOs "For Smoke Free Ukraine" and is the co-founder of the Reanimation Reform Package Coalition.