“To the World No Tobacco Day – “ tobacco excise shield” for the Minister”

May, 30 – To celebrate World No Tobacco Day, “LIFE” in partnership with The Ministry of Health of Ukraine conducted an event “To the World No Tobacco Day – “ tobacco excise shield” for the Minister”. On the eve of WNTD “LIFE” decided to once again stress that “High tobacco excise taxes save lives” and hold an event in front of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

According to the scenario, an activist in the image of death was launching a “poisonous” boom – cigarette with bow in children, which will be protected by an “excise shield”. Cigarettes – a symbol of the tobacco corporations, aimed at attracting and retaining people in the thrall of this bad habit. “Tobacco excise shield” – a copy of the relevant ancient shield design that says “High excise taxes save lives”.  Thus, the public tends to draw attention to the need to continue to raise excise taxes on tobacco products, since high taxes on tobacco is an effective tool to safeguard people from these harmful products and help to reduce the prevalence of smoking. After a performance this “excise shield” was transferred to Oleg Musiy – Minister of Health – as thanks for his active role in tobacco control and a reminder of the mission of the Ministry to help reduce the prevalence of smoking for the recovery of the nation.
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