Ukraine is getting rid of all types of tobacco advertising including point-of-sale advertising

On Sunday, September 16, 2012 Ukraine bans all types of tobacco advertising. The Law № 3778-IV comes into force that day to ban advertising, sponsorship and promotion of tobacco products. The new law largely expands the list of existing bans on tobacco advertising: since that day Ukraine will not only have strong prohibition on tobacco advertising on radio, television, and print media and outdoor, but also on the Internet, at point-of-sales in stores and kiosks, on all types of tobacco sponsorship, promotion and marketing events.
The law presupposes a rather string penalty that ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 UAH (an equivalent to $3,700-$6200 or 2,700-4,600 Euros) for each case of violating the law. Advocacy Center “LIFE” developed an info-graphic card of the law that demonstrates the existing and new norms of legislation.
During 6 month of transitional period NGOs actively informed owners of retail chains that sell tobacco products about the soon coming-into-force legislation. Advocacy Center “LIFE” that runs a national project “Smoke Free Ukraine” conducted an informational campaign that resulted in a very high level of implementation BEFORE the official date. Most supermarkets and stores have already removed all types of advertising and promo materials out of the window tills and cashier stands.
Advocacy Center “LIFE” and Coalition “Smoke Free Ukraine”, which brings together over 100 organizations will monitor compliance with the law and conduct public monitoring during next months in 7 cities of Ukraine. This public monitoring is aimed increasing the compliance level with the law by disseminating the informational materials and issuing complains to the State Consumer Protection Inspection – a responsible agency to control the law – about major cases of law violation.
Ukraine is taking gradual steps forward into strengthening national tobacco control legislation. Thus, starting October 4, 2012 Ukraine introduces 50% pictorial health warnings on cigarettes packs and starting December 16, 2012 smoking in all public and working places, including cafes, bars and restaurants will be banned.
Source: Regional Advocacy Center “LIFE”, Ukraine
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