On November 20, the International No Smoking Day, experts and public activists presented the results of a nationwide survey (omnibus) conducted by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) in October 2014, with questions about the prevalence of smoking, level of smoking cessation and consumption of illegal cigarettes. The survey involved 2025 respondents.

This omnibus was conducted by the KIIS during 6-27 October 2014 and initiated by the NGO “Advocacy center LIFE”. Field phase lasted from 9 to 18 October 2014 in 110 localities (PSU) in all regions of Ukraine, except Crimea region. In Lugansk region survey was conducted only in areas controlled by Ukraine, in Donetsk region the survey was conducted in areas that are controlled and not controlled by Ukraine.

The survey data were compared with responses to similar questions in omnibus presented in February 2013, as well as the previously conducted surveys of representative samples of the Ukrainian population. The main results of the survey:

  • the prevalence of daily smoking has decreased by almost 3 percentage points (from 45% to 42%) among men in general, and almost 2 percentage points (from 11 to 9%) among women in general;
  • the trend towards reducing the prevalence of smoking is the most notable among people younger than 30 years – applied policy measures impact on reducing the number of youth who starts smoking; in addition, the proportion of smokers among men older than 60 years is reducing, mainly due to the premature death from smoking related diseases;
  • the number of former smokers does not have a stable tendency to increase, their share increases during the most active measures of tobacco control and decreases then, indicating the absence of assistance in quitting smoking; 12.3% of men (14.3% in 2013) and 2.7% of women (2.1% in 2013) identified themselves as former smokers;
  • starting from 2005, when effective tobacco control measures was firstly applied, the most sustainable is the increase of proportion of people who identify themselves as non-smokers, those who never smoked or attempted to smoke and quit;
  • consumption of cigarettes per day is almost unchanged among men (16.8 cigarettes per day in 2013 and 16.4 – in 2014), but increased among women – from 10.5 cigarettes per day to 11.9; this may mean that those women who are smokers, on average, are more dependent on nicotine than those who stopped smoking;
  • level of cigarettes with foreign labels, which might partly be contraband, has not changed-5.4% (2014) compared to 5.6% (2013); this means that the level of smuggling is relatively low and does not meet the claims of the tobacco corporations about increasing the smuggling into Ukraine;
  • the average maximum retail price, which is written on the packs of cigarettes increased from 8.95 UAH in February 2013 to 12.21 UAH in October 2014, in 1.36 times, which is the most powerful incentive to the revision of conduct on smoking. Redistribution of smoking cigarettes by price segment is visible among men older than 30 years.

More information about the prevalence of smoking, tobacco consumption, policy measures can be found in the Second National Report, which summarized the situation by the end of 2013 (Second National Report, “Tobacco Control in Ukraine”. 2014 /docfiles/Zvit-tutun-control2.pdf).


Anna Postovoitova

Advocacy Center “Life”

Ukrainian Center of Tobacco Control

095-39779450, (044) 279 68 83,

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